It is quite safe to say that every person, both men and women, dream of having a celebrity smile, but most of them are afraid to even open their mouth due to being conscious about the color of your teeth which is not as white as anyone wishes. In fact, having white teeth boosts confidence of and such people perform better in their fields. If you are one of the sufferers of having yellow or brownish teeth, you don’t need to be hopeless as there are effective teeth whitening techniques available that can help you.

Possible Ways to Get Your Teeth Whitened

The teeth can be whitened at home or at dentist. In both of the cases, the stains on the enamel and dentin are cleared by applying a gel consisting of hydrogen peroxide. It is a painless process.

1) At the Dentist

If you make your mind up to get your teeth whitened at dentist’s clinic, this process may require 1 or 2 visits. The process includes the making of mold in accordance with the teeth’s shape. The mold is filled with a concentrated bleaching gel which is applied from twenty to ninety minutes. The dentist may make use of high power lamp or laser to speed up the procedure of teeth whitening.

2) At Home

If you make a decision to do it at home, you need a mold too in order put gel yourself, but the application of it is done in quite a smaller dose at home. You have to apply mold with gel from ten minutes to one hour every day continuously for fifteen days.

Important Points

• The price varies depending on the number of sessions and the applied methods in case of getting treatment by a dentist while it costs much lesser in case of at-home treatment.
• The results may last an average of 4 years if the patient follows post teeth whitening instructions regularly while avoiding, or at least lessening, the amount of smoking and coffee.
• You can also have the first teeth whitening session at the dentist and continue further treatment at home.
• The single-use molds are more hygienic and they usually come with single dose of gel.

Having pearly white teeth is an indispensable need as it directly boosts your confidence while yellow teeth badly damage your confidence. To conclude, it is highly recommended to start your teeth whitening process now in your preferred way.