A power rack is one of the most underrated weight training equipment in the gym. Also referred to as the power cage or squat cage, the power rack is an incredibly useful piece of equipment to use whether you are doing your weight training at home or at the gym. By the time you are done, these Hollywood action actors will have nothing on you.

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A power rack is a gym tool often placed in the back burner as an extra as opposed to the main tool. In my experience, however, a power rack is a crucial tool in a successful weight training exercise. Here, I will help demystify important factors surrounding power racks and offer recommendations on the best power racks on the market.

Body Solid Pro power rack

As I will soon come to realize, it’s not called power rack for nothing. The Body Solid Pro Power Rack is an incredibly affordable option to choose for someone looking for a low budget power rack. This power rack has given me the same service as other fancy power racks in the market while simultaneously offering me optimum safety when doing my squats or when using the bench.

This power rack is stable and conveniently designed to feature a cage design. I can work out worry-free even without a spotter, knowing that my power rack will have my back should I push myself too hard. This particular power rack can carry a whopping 800 pounds. Note however that the dip bars and chin-up bars can only safely hold 400pounds each.

This power cage measures 46 Inches by 87 Inches by 48.5 Inches which gives me more than enough room. A great perk that comes with using this rack is that it comes with a 10-year frame warranty. Even if I end up damaging it, I know I won’t have to spend more money buying another one, I am already covered.


. Cage design for all-around support
. Can carry up to 800 pounds
. Offers efficiency and safety during weight training exercise
. Has 18 adjustment levels to suit your weight lifting needs


. It is priced much lower than other power racks which might leave buyers doubting its quality and effectiveness.

Titan Fitness T-3 series Power Rack

Made of pure steel this power rack means business and is not here to play. This steel power rack is the perfect size for any weightlifter. It either comes in a cage design or with provisions to mount it on a wall. This beauty is every weightlifter’s dream. Just like its title, the Titan Fitness T-3 Series Power Rack is guaranteed to bring the mythical titan out of anyone. It has tested my limits in a way no other equipment has without even flinching.

Power Rack1

Built for rigorous warm-ups, this power rack has proved quite useful when I am doing my wide pull-ups and deep squats. With this power rack, I can work out in 28 different positions, and use different heights. It can safely hold a maximum of 700 pounds. I find that this rack is durable, and is full of important features to keep me safe during my weight lifting exercises.

Some of these features include four J-hooks, powdered coated finishes, foldable design, and easy installation. A power rack that blends in seamlessly with your home furniture or with other gym accessories.


. Measures 41.5 Inches in depth by 50 Inches in width and 91 Inches in height
. Supports up to 28 different positions
. Great for warm-ups, deep squats, and wide pull ups
. Four J hooks for maximum safety and support
. Holds a maximum 700 pounds


. Most power racks can hold 800 pounds of weight or more, but this power racks can only hold a maximum weight of 700 pounds.

Xmark Fitness Heavy duty power cage

This right here is the most versatile of all power racks I have ever come across. Created with all intents and purposes to push not only your body but also your mind to its breaking point. In fact, I am yet to concur this beast. Working out with this power rack is something I look forward to each time at the gym.

The Xmark Fitness Heavy Duty Power cage is an all in one workout equipment that supports various forms of workout besides weightlifting. Note however that this power rack may be a bit too expensive for someone looking for a cheap power rack to use at home. Instead of holding myself back when working out, the fact that I can have my power rack replaced without spending more money keeps me focused on my exercises all thanks to the lifetime warranty.


. Sturdy cage design
. Scratch resistant powdered finish
. Made of steel for enhanced durability
. Measures 50.6 by 39.8 by 7 Inches.


. This power rack may be a bit too pricey for someone looking for a low budget workout tool.
That concludes our list. Hopefully, we have helped you to narrow down your research.