At some certain stage during your weight loss program, suddenly everything freezes and it is normal that you get sadder than the Titanic musicians. But quite contrary to that ship, this fight is not lost and you have to think that the show is over. That is you came to the weight loss plateau.

The plateau is when you are doing everything ‘right’ and suddenly stop losing weight. Therefore, you need to check the following points and make your changes and return to the path of losing weight.

1) It changes everything.

It may take too much time doing the same kind of exercise and also eating just like in a few months. It is terrific if you already have these habits, but it is time to pull the machine. You need to change the class in the gym, give more weight to your strength session and cut a little (just a little) carbohydrates.

2) Check Your Portions

As we take time on this, sure you feel a master in the art of knowing what it looks like on your plate ‘half a cup of rice’. But remember that the ‘eye percent’ is an inexact science. You need to measure everything again and be honest with your plate.

3) Sleep A Little More

You have to tell someone to sleep over is almost like saying you make time for exercise, ant the one says, ‘and where?’. Well, if you turn off the TV earlier half hour, maybe you can get more sleep that will give a drop to your levels of cortisol (the stress hormone) which is extremely friendly to abdominal fat accumulation.

4) Move More

I told you to change your class of ‘extreme zumba’ was a good idea. But so is moving more in the day. Stop using the elevator, stand further away from the door of your work, loading the stock market and make more trips to the water thermos (which will also be more trips to the bathroom).

Remember that these are techniques to tighten the belt when all decreases in speed or better, stops completely. This is not the lifestyle and you need not to make any changes when things are working properly. What is not broken, do not fix. Apply these techniques and you will be back to the road.