We have often heard about the importance of consuming vegetables and all the benefits it brings to our health. But what happens when the taste of vegetables and vegetables seems so nice? This scene is common in the case of children. Many times the little ones of the house assume that food like on looks very green. And, why not! It also happens to many adults. So today we will share with you some tricks to consume more vegetables without even noticing.

1) Baking

You can try pureeing vegetables, vegetable gratin and include them in your mix for bread and add other ingredients that the whole family enjoys. What if one day you dare to make some brownies banana or carrot cake? They are delicious and very healthy.

2) Add Them in Eggs

Tortillas are healthy and give energy that our body needs. This food is rich in choline and vitamin B which benefit metabolism and central nervous system. If you want, you can add cabbage, spinach, tomatoes or other vegetables to your omelets, scrambled eggs or omelets baked.

3) Pasta

There are many ways to prepare pasta. Although considered as one of the super addictive foods and should not be exceeded in the portions, the most important thing is how to combine it with other edibles. A little fresh basil, spinach, eggplant and zucchini sauce or vegetable lasagna can do very well as combination.

4) Smoothies

Who does not love smoothies? Making fruit smoothies with spinach, tomatoes or cabbage is a healthy and delicious way to include vegetables in your meals.

5) Pizza

Do you cause a vegetarian pizza? About the fresh mozzarella cheese can add a mixture of arugula, tomatoes, cherry, olive oil, olives, broccoli and you will see it as a delicious food.

6) Grains

Beans and lentils can be prepared in many ways. In addition to adding garlic, cumin and spices, you can stir them with tomato, spinach, zucchini, asparagus, beets and vegetables that you like to prepare a salad and the grains will give a different touch.

7) Soups

If you do not really like vegetables, you can consume in purees and creams. It will give a thickness and distinct flavor. You can add pumpkin, celery, garlic, onion, carrot, peas, peppers, broccoli, leek, tomato, potato and whatever you want.

There are thousands of ways to consume vegetables if you just be a little innovative with them, so have fun researching and creating new recipes.