Teeth whitening is among the most in-demand cosmetic dental treatments. It delivers instant results for a great-looking smile and compared to other treatments, it’s more affordable. It’s important to mention as well that professional teeth whitening is not an invasive procedure, and done rather quickly.

So, if you are looking to improve your smile, whitening, no doubt, is one of the dental services to consider. However, according to the top dental services in Dubai, there are vital factors to consider first to ensure that the treatment will yield your desired results. These factors are listed below.

1. The kind of stain you have on your teeth.

If your teeth are stained, it’s essential to determine whether the discoloration is intrinsic or extrinsic. Professional teeth whitening can only take care of extrinsic stains, such as those due to frequent coffee and wine drinking, or smoking. 

For intrinsic discoloration, no whitening treatment will be effective; the whitening solution or laser will only penetrate the surface. Intrinsic discoloration is from deep within the tooth – surface treatment will not work. There’s a way of correcting the color though, and it’s by concealing the tooth. A cosmetic dentist can apply porcelain veneer or lumineer to do that.

2. Cleanliness of your teeth.

You need to have your teeth thoroughly cleaned a few weeks before the treatment. Make sure that you do not have calcular deposits on the base of your teeth and gums. 

Get oral prophylaxis or even a deep dental cleaning if you have gum issues to make sure that your mouth is prepared for the treatment.

3.For women: Are you pregnant?

Professional teeth whitening is not advised for pregnant women. This is because pregnancy reduces the bones’ density. Your teeth can become quite brittle and prone to breakage if you proceed with the treatment.

So, if you are pregnant, hold off of teeth whitening until after giving birth. And, even after that, your dentist will still have to inspect your teeth before giving you clearance for the procedure because bones do not bounce back to health right away. 

4. Are you under medication?

Certain medicines can also weaken teeth, and if you are taking them, you may not be a good candidate for the treatment. 

Teeth bleaching products can be quite corrosive and may damage teeth enamel. The damage can be in the form of shallow cavities or scarring as some dentists call them that tend to discolor over time.

5. Do you have a dry mouth?

This is another vital consideration because if you have a dry mouth, you may experience significant discomfort during the treatment. The bleaching agent has chemicals that can make your mouth quite sensitive. You can experience a really unpleasant stinging sensation. 

If you have a low threshold for pain, it may be better not to get the whitening treatment.

6. Do you have naturally sensitive teeth?

This is often an inherited trait, although, for some, it can be due to an illness. The issue here is if you have naturally sensitive teeth, you may be cleared for the procedure, but there are things you need to do first in preparation for the treatment.

Typically, patients with sensitive teeth are advised to use a desensitizing toothpaste a week or two before the procedure. The toothpaste has unique ingredients that will block the pores of the teeth and prevent laser’s heat or bleaching agents from stimulating the nerves.

The dentist may also recommend taking painkillers before the treatment to minimize possible discomfort during the procedure. Do not just take any over-the-counter pain reliever though. Make sure to get a recommendation from your dentist because some pain relievers can make the gums tender and prone to bleeding.

So, those are the factors to consider if you’re thinking of getting your teeth professionally whitened. If you do not have any of the issues those variables covered, you can expect to be treated right away. After a single session, your teeth will be so much whiter and all you have to do for the next several months is to take good care of your chompers to keep them looking bright.

Maintaining Your Pearly Whites

The result of professional dental whitening lasts for a long time. Typically, you do not need to return for several months until the next session. But, if you wish to maintain the brightness of your teeth for as long as possible, the right oral care practices are a must.

Implementing these practices is critical straight after the treatment. Discussed below are a few of them.

  • Hold off of the cigarette.

If you smoke and can’t quite kick the habit despite wanting to have a Hollywood smile, make sure you don’t at least three days after the treatment. 

First of all, puffing can bring some discomfort because the pores of the teeth are open. And secondly, the nicotine and tar from the cigarette will undo the effects of the treatment. Don’t let your money go to waste – enjoy your bright smile for as long as possible.

  • Do not consume dark-colored food and drinks for the next 48 hours.

Like smoking, eating beets, or anything with turmeric, or drinking red wine, coffee, dark teas, and cola will automatically undo the result of your teeth whitening treatment. Not only that, it may even lead to more severe staining because your teeth’s pores are still open.

  • Use a straw for drinking colored beverages.

Sometimes, you just can’t avoid drinking colored drinks. To prevent staining, use a straw. This will minimize the contact of the beverage with your newly whitened teeth. Another advantage of using a straw is it can prevent the likely occurrence of pain due to your teeth’s open pores’ exposure to air moving into your mouth.

  • Brush your teeth gently.

Quite often, people think that they clean their teeth better when they brush harder. This is not necessary and may even be counter-productive. Brushing too hard, especially with a new toothbrush with stiffer bristles will scratch the enamel of your teeth and leave scars that can discolor over time.

It’s important to point out that after a whitening treatment, you do not need to brush your teeth after a meal. Your chompers are still hypersensitive. If you do not have a really soft toothbrush (like the one babies use), just swish warm salty water in your mouth to get rid of food debris.

Having pearly white teeth is a confidence booster. Thankfully, advancements in dental technology have made it possible for people to get all kinds of treatment to create a perfect smile with bright white teeth. 

And, although cosmetic dentistry procedures can be considered a luxury, they are worth it. The results are impressive and with proper oral care, quite long-lasting as well.

Author Bio

Dr. Zul Paliwalla is the General and Cosmetic British Dentist at NOA Dental Clinic, specializing in smile-related concerns. With over 33 years of experience in the UK, Dr. Zul has successfully worked on and improved many internationally recognized smiles. He is a certified Invisalign® GOLD provider as well and has brought his elite expertise to Dubai not only to enjoy the sun, sea and sand, but also to offer his brand of personalized smile makeovers.