A bad odor that comes out of the mouth while breathing is simply known as bad breath or halitosis. In other words we can also describe it as the break down of amount acids of proteins takes place; it results in halitosis or bad breath. Some of the quite clear symptoms of bad breath are very common and have made it very easy to identify. Yellow teeth indication, dry mouth, feeling of change in the taste of food, nasal cavity drainage etc are all very common signs and symptoms of bad breath.

Xerostomia or a dry day mouth is 90% responsible for bad odor of mouth and this is due to the reason that bacteria lives and nourishes in our mouth get blend with saliva which later evaporates in the air and results in production of bad odor. This is also one of the reasons for dry mouth and considerably serves as a taste changing agent of mouth that makes the effected person feel food like metallic sour sometimes. Aging, fasting, consuming alcohol, intake of reduced fluid, allergic medicines, anti-depression medicines, fluctuation in normal blood pressure and coffee might also be responsible for this issue. No doubt, there are various things that might be the actual bone of contention in the case of bad breath. However, the most important thing to do is to know the underlying reason of bad odor and then treat them with adequate precautions in the best way before it goes out of your hands.

Treatments for bad breath:-The bad breath is due to the presence of sulphur compounds in teeth that can be treated both by medicines and by home remedies. Some of the treatment ways are discussed as under:

  1. Gargling through mouthwash can end the bad breath; however, it may give it rise if the water does not reach the throat. Since it is very important to gargle properly to end bad odor.
  2. Bad breath sprays are very effective in releasing the bad odor by providing the oxygenation procedure. You can easily get back your confidence by getting rid of this problem completely.
  3. Mint tooth past are now commonly available at the utility stores to eliminate mouth unpleasant smell by using twice a day. However, using Mint for this purpose should never be given first priority.
  4. Brushing tongue is also an essential exercise which is ignored by most of the people. Some bacteria lie on the tongue and cause many problems.
  5. One must try to stay away from some types of beverage such as coffee, tea, beer, wine, and whiskey etc which leaves bacteria.
  6. Eating parsley does not only help in improving overall body health but also but also help in getting rid of bad breath. The natural purifying agent present in it will make your mouth freshener by adding green colors into your launch plate or dinner plate.

If you are facing this problem, you are highly recommended to follow a proper treatment method as bad breath can lead your life to a very problematic way where you might have to lose your spouse, lover, colleagues or friends only because of this irritating smell. Since, it is very necessary to get it diagnosed and treat the same accordingly.