Having limited mobility does not mean you have to limit your activity. It is human nature to want to get out into nature (and the mall) and have a great time and make good memories. Even if you are confined to a wheelchair, there is nothing you can’t do. Wheelchair manufacturers have really been stepping up their game when it comes to the designs and functionality of wheelchairs, there is a style for every occasion. When you’re out and about, here are the chairs you should consider bringing with you.

 The Outdoorsy Type

An all-terrain wheelchair is just the ticket to accessing any and all outdoor activities. his off-road style of mobility chair is designed to handle rugged and uneven surfaces that a standard wheelchair could not navigate. You can wheel it through dirt, gravel, sand, snow, water and other rough uneven or rough surfaces. The wheel angles allow for 360-degree turning and shock-absorbing tires make for a smooth ride.

The Occasional Explorer

If exploring the great outdoors isn’t a daily way of life for you and buying a chair specifically for that task doesn’t align with your budget, you have the option of add-ons to transform your everyday wheelchair into an outdoor-friendly piece of machinery when the mood strikes you. One such option is the FreeWheel, a 12-inch wheel that quickly and easily clamps to the footplate of a manual chair and lifts the front casters off the ground, instantly turning your chair into an all-terrain chair capable of easily pushing over gravel, dirt, grass, sand and snow. And there is no need to worry about flipping forward as this device will stop your casters from gets caught or digging into the terrain.

Craving Simplicity

If your concern is just to be able to store and transport your wheelchair as well as have a wheelchair that is good for maneuvering in unexpected tight spaces when out and about, a transport wheelchair could be just the right one for you. The typically weigh between 15 to 20 pounds and fold in seconds, making transport and storage super easy. The lighter weight of these chairs also makes them easy to maneuver, and their compact frames fit into smaller spaces for additional convenience.