There are many factors why a person ends up suffering obesity and mostly deal with lifestyle disorders. However, you also need to see genetics as it is considered that this factor influences this problem at least 33%.However, it is also clear that according to the people, the influence varies i.e. although our parents or grandparents are obese, it does not mean that we are meant to be overweight.

Disorders & Socio-Cultural Level

Among the disorders are found common factors such as physical inactivity and poor diet, even when the two are mixed even further, the consequence will be more complex to fight against obesity. Several studies also analyze the socio-economic factors, finding highly relevant data, because it shows that women of lower socioeconomic status tend to be more obese than those at the higher levels of the social scale. The reasons may be obvious to many such as matters of treatment, time, and financial resources for women who have more money can access surgeries or strict diets to help them lose weight in order to get rid of obesity.


Our society revolves around a culture where fast food advertising is overwhelming. There is constant advertisement, discounts, brochures, small newsletters you receive in your home, building, office, etc. Combos are promoted with drinks, chips and burgers, etc.


The sedentarism becomes another cause which is obviously related with bad habits and there you have sport as a balancing factor and suitable habit for a life free from obesity. In performing a sport, our bodies need to spend calories and achieve balance, so that obesity does not arise. There are also some diseases that can lead to obesity, and we are talking about hypothyroidism, Cushing’s disease, or a strong growth hormone deficiency.

Drugs That Increase Weight

You must also keep in mind if you are using drugs in your life, they also cause to weight gain. For example, some antidepressants are often shown to help the body accumulates more fat. It also has been shown that certain treatments using steroids can become cause obesity because fat accumulates in your body. It is also clear that if you get to consume more calories than your body needs, this leads to gain weight. You have to know that every 7,500 calories that your body builds up, you will be up to 1 kilo. Over the day, you will find that the increase is noticeable.

After carefully reviewing each of these factors, check into your life in which you are immersed. Is it possible to change habits, quit drugs, exercise that is inexpensive? Is it possible to watch less TV and go for a walk or a bike ride? Discover your case and act as it is never too late and there will always be ways to leave obesity since nothing is impossible.