The Diet Solution Program by Isabel De Los Rios has gained so much popularity due to its top success stories. It has become the hottest selling diet plan product online. The product claims that it provides a guideline that helps you to burn 10 % of extra body fat within 30 days. This review is intended to address your concern of The Diet Solution Program scam or not.

Author of Diet Solution Program

Isabel De Los Rios, designer of the plan is a qualified and certified diet expert. She has obtained an undergraduate degree in exercise physiology and is also known to be a certified Holistic Nutrition Lifestyle Coach.


How Does It Work?

  • The diet plan breaks down the main guide into three steps. First of all, it helps you determine your metabolic type. Then it designs a meal plan perfectly suitable for your body needs and then it helps you to choose your ideal food for fat burning.
  • It provides further guidelines to start the implementation of plan instantly, especially for those who have a special occasion approaching and are desperate to lose weight quickly.
  • There are about 80 delicious and easy to make meal recipes. It is determined through metabolic type of the person.
  • By making you analyze what you eat and your afterward feelings, author helps you to decide which food is good for you and which you need to avoid.
  • A multiple choice test is designed to make you find out your metabolic type.
  • It provides a 6-week long meal plan customized to your own metabolic type.

Bonuses and Guarantee

  • Author offers you a money back guarantee of 60-days without asking any questions and hard feelings.
  • She also offers a great bonus package worth $500.

Cons of this Diet Solution Program

  • It has too much focus on calories that it makes it difficult to follow accurately.
  • Customized feature might confuse you to choose your diet plan.
  • The meal plans have lesser number of vegetarian recipes.

Pros of this Customized Fat Loss

  • It offers delicious recipes that cover the taste of both vegetarian and meat-lovers.
  • The distinguished feature is the guideline by using nutritional science in order to determine how some foods affect your body in a negative way.
  • It targets multiple kinds of readers. It is also suitable for those who want to-the-point information and want to get started quickly and also suitable for those who are interested to get detailed information.
  • Its metabolic type quiz makes it different from other diet plans and is suitable for all since it is customized to your metabolic type.

Bottom Line

After this review of The Diet Solution Plan, this is recommended to give it a try. The Diet Solution Plan is not scam and is an all natural plan to help you burn your fat and lead a healthy life. It does not involve any health risks and is worth spending for. Its best attribute is the use of nutritional science that you find absent in other programs. Its customized nature makes it best suitable for everyone. So do not delay to purchase your copy and get that attractive figure in a matter of few weeks.