Cellulite occurs when fat accumulates between the fibrous connective cords of muscles and skin. It is more common in women as eight out of 10 will have some degree of dimpling of the skin which becomes more prevalent with age as the skin loses its elasticity. Thighs and hips are the most common areas where cellulite appears, but it can also occur in the belly. According to Joey Atlas (the author of Truth about Cellulite), changes in lifestyle and diet can help eliminate cellulite on belly.

Step 1 – Improve Lymphatic System

An inactive lymphatic system stimulates the body to retain toxins stored in fat which makes cellulite appear or worsen. The lymphatic system functions as a drainage system of the body and works with the liver, which filter toxins in the body. You should drink plenty of fluids and eat low glycemic carbohydrates, lean proteins and healthy fats as they will help in stimulating your lymphatic system. You also maintain good posture, stop wearing tight clothes and do not sit for a long time and these practices will help lymph to flow channels. In addition, you also avoid additives, solvents and other toxic substances.

Step2 – Detoxify Liver

This is crucial to eliminate cellulite on belly and unwanted fat. When liver is overloaded and does not properly metabolize fat, making choices of foods and beverages help the liver. Eat cranberries or drink 100 percent pure cranberry juice, choose cruciferous vegetables such as broccoli, eat eggs, drink lemon juice mixed in warm water and consider using whey as a protein source to help your liver work better. Eliminate things that harm liver and decrease your metabolism such as trans fats, soft drinks, processed foods, all forms of sugar, artificial sweeteners, caffeine and carbohydrates.

Step 3 – Eliminate Trans and Saturated Fats

You must stop consuming trans and saturated fats and replace with omega 3, omega 6 and omega 9s. Omega 3 is found in chia seeds, flaxseed and fish oil. Omega 6 includes gamma linolenic acid found in black currant seeds and evening primrose oils and omega 9s are found in the oils of macadamia nut and olive. These monounsaturated fatty acids have a high content of oleic acid, which will help you control your weight and cellulite.

Step 4 – Lose Weight with Regular Exercise and Healthy Diet

This is probably the most beneficial treatment for cellulite. Strengthening the abdominal muscles will help you lose fat and eliminate cellulite of the belly. Do cardiovascular exercise with periods of high and low intensity such as running or biking faster for one minute and then at slower pace for the reduction of abdominal fat. You can also tone and strengthen your abs with abdominal exercise which is important in achieving the goal of eliminating cellulite belly.

Step 5 – No Stress

Take a break to reduce stress. If cortisol level remains high, it activates enzymes of cortisol in the body causing it to store fat. Try an aromatherapy bath or deep breathing techniques to relax. Stress can be caused by lack of sleep, so make sure you get your due rest and sleep.