Emotional Trauma fine art

Unfortunately, traumatic events can happen to anyone, and they occur when they are least expected. These unfortunate events are outside the realm of normal experience because they often involve something that is perceived as dangerous and life threatening.  It can be an assault, a severe accident, an illness, violence or a natural disaster. It can be anything that overwhelms an individual’s ability to cope.

Due to traumatic events, a person can experience a series of symptoms and levels of distress. Adults and children often experience depression, anxiety or even PTSD also known as post-traumatic stress disorder. Instead of heavy medication and standard behavioral therapy, more and more counselors have turned to art therapy. Studies have shown that creating art can help you overcome the symptoms of trauma and return to your normal life. Although art therapy has been used for more than 100 years, people still don’t consider it seriously when seeking for help. Learn how can creating art help both children and adults to process a traumatic event and begin to heal.

What is Art Therapy All About?

Artwork created by people who are suffering emotional trauma or some kind of mental illness such as anxiety and depression is considered a sort of symbolic speech. Letting patients speak through art can significantly help not only with treatment but also with setting the right diagnosis.

Art, particularly when it comes to its visual forms such as sculpting or painting, is an excellent way of communicating and expressing your emotions. Many famous artists such as Georgia O’Keefe claimed that lines, colors, and shapes help them say things in such ways they could never tell with words. If you feel like you are stuck, art can help you work through difficult and complex emotions such as anger, fear, sadness, and grief. If you don’t feel ready to create art, visiting a fine art gallery can stimulate your mind, and enable you to reflect on your thoughts and feelings.

 fine art

By creating art, a person will encourage creative thinking, increase their insight and create little “ah ha” moments of clarity and understanding. By using a variety of mediums to express yourself, such as paint, clay, collage, photography and similar, you will be able to process your feelings, reduce stress, resolve conflicts, and improve self-esteem. Art therapy experts believe creating art can help you achieve insights that will enable you to live a more fulfilling and happy life.

In order to get started with art therapy, there is no need to hire a professional. Many art therapy activities can be done at home, such as drawing, coloring, sculpting with clay or playdough, sketching, and similar. You can also photograph thing you like, make a collage, knit and much more. Basically, you should do any creative activity that makes you feel good. Choose an art medium that appeals to you and explore your art to increase insight and awareness.

How Will Creating Art Help

The goal of art therapy is to help you feel better, heal, and eventually return to enjoying as well as participating in life as you did before.  You don’t have to be an artist in order to try this. This is not about merely creating a good piece of art, but more about increasing self-expression and self-awareness through it. If you are scared, resist communicating and shut down, painting a picture can seem less threatening and allow you to describe your feelings the right way.