If you’re a fitness enthusiast that is looking to build a home gym on the cheap, you’re in the right place. Going to public gyms can be quite the hassle, especially when you have to face the commute, wait on machines and get distracted by friends and acquaintances. Building a home gym is definitely one of the best investments you can make for your own fitness and health since it will be a lot more convenient to work out at home than to go to a public gym. However, if you only have $500 or less to work with, we will now look at a couple of guidelines and ideas so that you can make the most out of your limited budget.

The equipment you purchase would depend heavily on your personal fitness goals as well as the way you like to train. However, with that said, in most cases, it is best to invest most of your money on weights, dumbbells, and barbells since these will give you the most value. Strength or resistance training has been shown to have the most profound effect on the human body and will help you to transform your body.

Adjustable Dumbbells

When it comes to dumbbells, it may be best to purchase the adjustable ones where you can adjust each one. These are great for a home gym, especially when space is a factor. Many adjustable dumbbells can go up to 50 -100lbs with 5 lb intervals. Some popular brands include Bowflex, Powerblocks, etc. You can expect to spend anywhere between $50 – $300 for adjustable dumbbells, depending on the weight and brand that you choose. These are much better than typical dumbbells because they take up very little space which is typically an issue with most at-home gyms.


Next, you may want to consider getting kettlebells for your home gym since they are extremely versatile and can be used for cardio, resistance training and even for mobility. One of the best fat burning exercises is kettlebell swings and they are much more effective than walking on a bulky treadmill! Additionally, you can purchase these very cheaply on Amazon for between $19 – $80+ depending on the weight or set. In addition to swings, other excellent exercises you can do with kettlebells include the Turkish getup, overhead press, snatch, clean and press, goblet squats, Russian twist and more.

Adjustable Weight Bench

In addition to weights, you will need supporting equipment to actually work out on. One of the most important pieces of gym equipment is the adjustable weight bench. It is better to purchase an adjustable bench as opposed to a flat or incline bench because it gives you more value for your money as well as saves on space. You can easily adjust the bench to be flat when you want to do exercises such as the dumbbell chest press, chest flyes, skull crushers, etc. Then, you can adjust the bench to a 45-degree angle or even a 90-degree angle when you want to do other variations of these exercises. You can get a relatively cheap adjustable weight bench for between $50 – $100.

Barbells & Weight Plates

You will need more weights than just dumbbells, especially if you want to lift heavier. Therefore, you’ll need to get at least one barbell and a couple of weight plates. You can expect to pay between $50 – $150 for a good quality barbell. The plates will be an additional cost that depends on weight and it is highly recommended that you get bumper plates to reduce noise and for overall safety and versatility.

Power Rack

Next, we will look at power racks which are essential in a good home gym. They not only allow you to do a wide variety of exercises but they also provide a great deal of safety if you train alone at home. It will also allow you to lift heavy, much heavier than you can with dumbbells alone. Some of the exercises you can do on a power rack include squats, shoulder press, heavy rows, pull-ups, etc. If you combine the power rack with a weight bench, you can also do heavy bench presses. This is the most expensive item on this list but is well worth the investment. Thankfully, there are many companies that now make cheaper power racks without compromising on its strength and safety. You can easily purchase one of these for under $300.


In addition to the major equipment listed above, you may also want to consider purchasing a skipping rope for cardio and conditioning and gymnastic rings. These are quite cheap and the rings can cost under $50 and a good quality jumping rope can cost between $10 – $30. If you prefer an all in one option, consider investing in a home gym machine or multigym. Companies like Bowflex and Marcy create very versatile machines that are specifically built for resistance training at home gym. While Bowflex and Marcy are probably the most famous brands in the home gym market, there are a bunch of other companies that also have home gym options, many of them are roughly in the 500 dollar range. For more information check out for the best home gyms under $500.


So there you have it! Our complete guidelines to what you need to get started with your own personalized home gym. We have just looked at multiple options that cater to different workout preferences and fitness users. These are some of the most important gym equipment that you will need and they will certainly serve you well during your fitness journey. Thanks for reading!