For most vapers, the optimal intent of their use is not to see who can blow the biggest clouds; it’s to see how they can get the most flavour from their e-juice. While there is no problem with adding a bit of vapour to your exhalation, and in fact, it can be quite satisfying, it’s akin to blowing a huge bubble with a piece of gum that has no flavor – while you may get lots of attention from your audience, it’s just not an enjoyable flavourful experience.

Instead, most vapers now are turning from cloud chasing and focusing on building a robust, strong flavour that they can enjoy. Sure, you can choose your favorite taste and that will help improve your overall experience, but there are other ways that you can get the optimum flavor out of your e-juice to hit just the right sweet spot in your mouth.


Eight Steps to Getting the Best Vape Flavour Possible

  1. Check the settings. There is a reason your settings are there for you to adjust – everyone likes their flavours just a little different, and each type of juice comes out in it its own way. Like water boils at a different temperature than apple juice would, so do your juice flavours vaporize at differing temps. Adopting a one-temp-fits-all attitude for your vaping reduces the optimal taste. If you extra info about the best flavours to use, read more here.

Luckily, you can adjust the settings until you hit the perfect taste for your buds, starting at a low temperature and working your way up. Controlling the temperature of your coil is the most important factor of your flavouring, but the type of coil you choose makes a difference, too.

Bottom-coils are preferable to those who want to make the most of their e-juice because the e-liquid is already at the bottom and doesn’t have to be sucked up to reach the coil.

  1. Pay attention to the airflow. Regardless of the coil you choose, though, to get the maximum flavour you should opt for a small bore coil so that the airflow is reduced. Closing off the airflow produces a vape that is warm and dense, resulting in bigger flavour and smaller clouds. If you are looking for big clouds, you go with big bores for big airflow. But you are looking for big flavor, so start low with your airflow settings and tweak it until you have just the right balance of vapour and flavour.

There’s a caveat to that, though. If your airflow is too tightly closed off, you may not be able to produce enough vapour, and the vapour that is produced could become dangerously hot. Instead of quickly switching your airflow to minimal to get your increased flavour, adjust it slowly as you did with your temperature until you hit the optimal setting.

  1. Use the higher juice ratio. There’s a PG/VG ratio in all juices. Higher VGs give better clouds with thick vapours, but VG does not give out much flavour. It’s like the generic bubble gum that lets you blow big bubbles at the expense of taste.

Instead, look for a ratio that has more PG than VG. Higher-PG juices increase the flavour, but you need to watch out for too high of a ratio since it can hurt your throat. Look for a 50/50 or 60/40 and adjust until you find your perfect mix.

  1. Choose the right wick. Not all wicks are created equally, and the material you use plays a big part in your flavour. Silica wicks are commonly used but they detract from instead of enhancing the flavour of e-juice. Instead, look for cotton wicks.

But…cotton wicks aren’t that simple. You can use organic cotton balls, Japanese organic cotton, cellucotton and “cotton bacon.” You can choose square sheets or cotton balls. Give them all a try until you find your favorite.

  1. Cleanliness is next to flavourfulness. All of those parts we just talked about? The wick, the coil, and the tank the juice flows through? If those are not kept clean, you are not going to enjoy the best flavour you can. You don’t have to rinse out the wick or switch your coil after every use, but the fact is that the fresher the wick, coil, and tank, the better the flavour of your e-juice.

You can easily take your tank apart, rinse each part of it in hot water, and let them dry thoroughly – for at least 24 hours.

  1. Don’t neglect your drip tip. The drip tip you use plays a part in the overall flavour. The wider drip tip gives a lighter vape and impressive clouds. Narrower bores enhance flavours, so don’t ignore the role the drip tip plays in your vape’s taste.


  1. Check your e-juice. You would not drink expired milk or milk stored in a cupboard, so why would you use old e-juice or juice that is not stored right. To properly store your e-juices, keep them away from heat or excessive light and store them in a sealed place. Exposure to moisture or too much heat or light degrades the quality of the flavor.


  1. Above all, avoid “Vaper’s Tongue.” Too much of anything is never a good thing, and the same goes for vaping. If you overuse one flavour, you can end up with “vaper’s tongue” in which your e-juice loses its impact no matter how well you adjust the settings and clean your components. Other juices that fall in the same family of flavour may affect you in the same way.

If you end up with vaper’s tongue, either move to a completely different flavour for a while, drink a lot of water or inhale coffee beans. These techniques can help you reduce this common problem.

Hitting That Sweet Spot in 8 Simple Steps

Whether you are looking for impressive cloud vapours or the ultimate flavour, you can adjust your settings and components of your e-cig until it elicits just the right touch you are looking for. Keep trying until you hit the sweet spot!