proper-sleep-importanceSleep – plays a big role in the health of our body, healthy sleep fills our body with energy, restores our body with the relief of pain and giving rest. Unfortunately due to the short-term sleep disorders present life worsens almost every person who is not sleeping properly.

The reasons leading to this much is stress, feelings about work, family, traveling from one time zone to another, poor diet and daily tough routine will lead to the fact that people face difficulty in falling asleep and waking up. Unhealthy sleep adversely affects the performance and well-being health of the human body.

What needs to be done to build a dream?
Particular attention is important for healthy sleep mode, the night is required to rid with the excitement, and you need to reduce the physical and mental activity. Despite the fact is that many people read before bed, as it helps them to sleep, this is not recommended, as the experience of reading contribute to the emergence of severe vision problems.


You should not eat much food and liquid before sleep because it can cause painful digestion of the food intake. Dining should be no later than 2 hours before bedtime. Important factor for healthy sleep hygiene is the room ventilation and punctually go to the bedroom early on daily basis.

sleep-for-healthClean fresh air has a positive effect on sleep and dreaming. Time to change the sheets, use for concealment of a light blanket, heavy presses, does not allow the body to relax. To speed up the process of falling asleep, do a little walk before bedtime. Moreover if you want positive effect take short warm baths (3-5 min).

Before going to bed, try to think about pleasant landscape and mentally linger on it. If the above tools do not promote healthy sleep, it can be deal with comfortable massage or a good effect on the sleep can be done with mint, its soothing fragrance effects on the body, which promotes healthy sleep.

With frequent sleep disturbances, you should not immediately take sleeping pills and sedatives, consult a neurologist, he knows what tools are more suitable for your body, unauthorized use of sleeping pills can lead to disastrous consequences.