When you go deep down to acne treatment, you realize that there are two approaches to treat acne which are known as internal and external treatment methods. In the first method, the major causes of acne are treated so the problem can be eradicated from inside while in the other method, topical products are used such as lotion, cream, facemask, etc. Though topical use products can be quite helpful in eliminating acne, there are still chances that the problem might take place in the coming days.

Internal & External Approaches

You can’t be 100% sure about one or the other treatment way, thus, you have to consider both of them. The use of topical application is considered quite essential to keep the skin in a maintained position and in this regard, you can use cleansers, moisturizers, exfoliator and the like. These applications can help you keep your skin pores unclogged.

• There might be various types of skin disorders which may require different treatment methods either internal or external. In case you are going through a skin disorder known as hyperkeratinization, you better go for the external treatment as this will be more effective in dealing with this kind of problem. In this case, you can use ingredients such as salicylic acid which breaks down the unnecessary bonds of cells and helps in keeping skin pores unclogged. With the help of external applications, you can also reduce inflammation.
• As far as internal method is concerned, it is a holistic approach and you deal with the systemic disorders which causes imbalance of hormones, excessive production of sebum and inflammation. All of these conditions are considered to be the root cause of acne. You might also get acne problem if you have some kind of health problems which are yet to be diagnosed. In this condition, you have to treat the problem internally for which you have to do something to minimize inflammation, sebum production and imbalance of hormones.

The Main Purpose of Internal Method

When we talk about internal treatment ways, the main purpose of this method is to target the bodily disorders so you can boost the performance of your body with the help of immunity to combat hormonal imbalance and inflammation. For instance, your diet should deliver all the necessary minerals, vitamins and nutrients to your body and skin so the problem may not occur; in case it occurs, body’s own system can battle with it and eliminate it. You should get proteins as well as vitamins to help in building immunity.

Right Amount of Nutrients

There is no doubt that nutrients are really necessary for your body and you must take them but what’s more important is to remember that if you don’t take the right amount of such nutrients, it will create more problems rather than solving it. You should also know that excessive amount of carbohydrates can disturb the moderate level of sugar in blood and when it happens, it disturbs immune system which, in result, aggravates acne.