jump manualJump Manual by Jacob Hiller is a digital guideline that helps in improving and maximizing the vertical jump. It is a good program available online, as it offers comprehensive information to increase the capacity of vertical jump. It is available in form of an e-book. This review of Jump Manual Program will present each and every aspect of the Jump Manual program making clear if it is a scam or worth trying.

Who is Jacob Hiller?

jump manual
This program is developed by Jacob Hiller who is the coach for vertical jump training. He has compiled all his information and experience in this e-book. He is well-known for giving training to school, college students, professional and Olympic players.

What Does Jump Manual Offer?

  • Over all, this entire program is divided in three core parts to develop the player’s vertical explosion.
    1. Part one gives you a complete work chart that aims to make you stronger and tough. It provides a fitness routine for muscle growth and physical training for vertical jump enhancement.
    2. Second part is characterized by a complete diet plan that aims to make you aware of the foods that boost up your energy and give you strength to improve your vertical jump.
    3. The third part is optional that provides you with an opportunity to communicate your coach directly through emails. You can get advice for your personal training sessions and can also ask questions. The best part is to get 1-on-1guide that maximizes your chance to improve vertical jump.
  • It offers Weight Room Alternatives for those who do not have enough time to visit a gym. It gives instructions to them to perform workouts at home that can be a good alternative to gym exercise and help to improve vertical jump.
  • Training Program is given through video sessions.
  • Interviews of renowned athletes is a unique feature that informs you about experiences of those world class players.

Bonuses & Guarantee – Jump Manual Review

Following are some bonuses you are going to get on purchase of this product.

  • Athletic Training
  • Basketball Primer
  • Mass Muscle
  • Fats Fitness
  • Gaining Weight 101
  • Cooking To Stay in Shape
  • Staying Motivated

The program comes with a guarantee of 100% success or money back.

jump manual review

Jump Manual Review – Cons

  • The information is in such a detail that it can be overwhelming for those who do not enjoy reading.
  • It demands full dedication and patience on your part to achieve the goal.

Jump Manual Review – Pros

Through the review of Jump Manual, following pros of the product are found.

  • Training videos make you understand the session in a better way.
  • Price is lower than many other products available online.
  • It is available online and once you have purchased it, you can download the e-book instantly.
  • It is a natural plan so there is no risk involved.
  • The best point is personal coaching from the author.

Bottom Line

This review of Jump Manual proves that the product is best option available online. Author provides you with complete set of instructions to make you understand the program and achieve your desired results. It guarantees the safety of your money if you do not get your results. Jump Manual is not a scam and offers many bonuses. There is no financial and health risks involved so this is your best choice to take your name higher in world of vertical jump.

jump manual