Having larger breasts have become a fashion for both men and women, and the difference is that men can develop naturally i.e. in their nature that their breasts grow if they force their muscles (though some will accelerate with chemicals harmful to health). However, women have to resort to cosmetic surgery to achieve through breast implants. Who knew that such prostheses would be more praised than prosthetic legs, arms, etc. which in my opinion, have more technological and functional value.

What all the fuss and need for this, the media, advertising, society, lack of culture, lack of spirituality, they all play an important role. Selling through a prototype of beauty, it is easier to sell a product itself, but have you really been so weak to succumb to this? Is there much emptiness within us that we need to increase our self-esteem by being operated? Unfortunately, in our society that is so evident, since even women with average breast are being influenced to do so when they really do not need it. Now there comes another question; Does someone really need it? In my opinion, perhaps women with cancer who lost one of her breasts, those with hereditary deformations, or who have a hormonal problem that prevented her from developing breasts and that is the true meaning of the prosthesis.

Moreover, the proportions of the implants should be attuned to the texture of the body, not to consumer tastes as well as risking your health naturally by altering their physiognomy.

It is so hard to be what we are not, and we put our health at risk just to look beautiful with the help of artificial breasts as if there were great pride in it while ignoring the importance of the spirit, personality, human charisma and the acceptance of what God gave us.

Here the concern is that although nature is perfect, humans are endeavoring to seek the external defects and do not really realize that the body is a vehicle around, and that when you die, what lives is the spirit, the implants go in the grave and what is truly valuable is the heart, the capacity to love, the gift of harmonizing and the potential to evolve as spiritual beings we are.

I hope this message serves as a reflection and relieve pressure on our minds. There so many women you get to see who have already been operated, but do not feel prosecuted, if not to reflect and make no mistakes as larger breasts do not make true happiness, although many already have noticed that the real happiness is within, and there is no need to go outside exhibiting that change at all costs.

It is time to turn away rescuing the humility, simplicity, and awaken the love that we all carry in our hearts. ‘All are beautiful, variety is the spice’ says a saying. Here the responsibility lies on men as well and they should take it into account that they do not pressure their partners for such breast implant surgery and they must recognize and honor the true natural beauty of their women.