Physical activity should be a habit in your life if you want to remain healthier with a fit body, but it is normal at certain times that you do not feel like to do it and many take it as an obligation. In this article, I will show you several ideas that do not involve any effort for movements for your body to burn calories.

Muscle Contraction and Relaxation

They are known as isometric contractions, and without being a physical exercise or present a great effort, manage to keep the muscle in good shape, but the finest technical experts should teach it. If you contract the abdomen or buttocks for 5-10 seconds several times a day, you will be helping to keep the muscles strong and burn fat. It is advised to avoid if you have high blood pressure because it aggravate blood pressure.

A Little Spicy Tabasco

According to some studies, adding a few drops of Tabasco and a little chili or a pinch of pepper may increase to 33% the thermogenic effect of food, burning more calories. The only requirement is not to overdo the amounts and use caution so that you may not suffer from digestive problems.

A Touch of Cinnamon

It has fat-burning effect because it contributes to increase body temperature which, in turn, causes the body to work more actively to maintain thermal equilibrium. You can, for example, add cinnamon powder in rice dishes or make a tea of cinnamon to take after eating. It does not suit women who have very heavy periods because it promotes outflow.

Include Some Protein at Every Meal

To digest the proteins, our body system requires greater efforts and it spends more energy, hence, it is good to include a small amount at each meal. Do not forget it at breakfast; you can have a boiled egg or an omelet at the first meals of the day and it can be a great way to keep you more satiated throughout the whole day.

Better to Eat Every 3-4 Hours

Eating every 3 to 4 hours forces your body to stay active for digestion and it keeps burns calories; of course, you have to choose right snacks. A skimmed yogurt with 4 or 5 almonds, black tea with chocolate or an apple are great options to achieve that goal.

Get up a Little Earlier

The body is activated upon arrival of the first light of day and it seems to have a beneficial effect on weight. A study by the University of Northwstern says that early risers lose weight more easily because they are exposed to the first rays of sun, thus, better synchronize their internal clock and the regulation of energy balance, the difference between what you eat and what you spend becomes more effective.

Chewing Gum

Apparently, if done before eating, it makes the scale down a few grams. This was stated by a British study in 2005 and confirmed in 2011 in another study conducted at the Medical University of China. Both showed that, in moments of anxiety, chewing gum helps to control the intake of unnecessary calories and that chewing favors more of a hormone called ghrelin, which causes the release of satiety.

Green Tea between Meals

The possibilities of this drink are surprising to many. Its relationship with health and is amply demonstrated in the recent years. It not only helps to oxidation and elimination of fat but produces an increase in resting energy expenditure. If you do not care a bit about your diet, green tea will do wonders.

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