One day you wake up in the morning with a sore throat. You try to drink lots of water to shake it off, but a few hours later, it’s still a problem. Instead of heading to your doctor for an appointment, you head straight online to find a possible cause and solution for the problem. Anyone with a smartphone or computer and a stable internet connection can find a lot of information online regarding healthcare issues. From simple conditions like the sore throat to complex diseases like cancer and asthma, you can find almost anything via the internet. In a digital world today where virtually anyone can offer medical solace, is it a good idea to rely on the internet as a source of healthcare?

Doctors and Healthcare Facilities are Now Taking Their Practice Online

Today, unlike in the past, the medical fraternity is moving their business online to provide medical expertise and valuable medical information. The social media platforms are being utilized today by medical experts to offer both personalized assistance and crucial health information. By engaging with patients online and on social media platforms, doctors can empathize with patients in need of comfort besides offering relevant healthcare news. 


A good example such as Dr. On Demand offers medial news through their website as well as use their Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube social platform to provide assistance and advice on matters such as preventative health, chronic care, and behavioral health among other health matters. Through these online platforms, healthcare facilities can receive private requests concerning various health conditions, but they are careful enough never to address such issues publicly. Alternatively, such matters are directed to the specialized doctors directly via phone or contact form to protect a patient’s privacy.

Advantages of Online Doctor Consultation

Quick medical attention – when you use online doctor consultation, there is no need to wait any longer. You only decide on the appropriate time and let the physician attend to you via video chat or phone. 

Zero boundaries – telehealth does not have limits, and you can conduct your consultation even when you are miles away. This way, you can effectively receive help, especially when you are a frequent traveler or regularly need the doctor’s evaluations. 

24/7 Availability – physicians usually work round the clock in online medical consultations, and there is no need to wait for long for help. People diagnosed with chronic diseases can benefit from this. 

Disadvantages of Online Doctor Consultation

Telemedicine has its limitations besides the advantages it provides and they include:

Industry and regulatory barriers – telehealth laws vary from one state to the next and can prove challenging to understand. 

Limited physical examination – live video conferencing was not well advanced to enable comprehensive healthcare, not until recently. Additionally, some physicians may find virtual appointment inadequate to treat their patients. 

Telemedicine technology and equipment – all software and hardware used in telemedicine can be quite costly, may require proper training, as well as additional ancillary equipment. 


The world of telemedicine has, and still is changing daily in our best interest. Today, you don’t have to seek an appointment with your doctor physically, but you can do it easily using the internet. However, you need to approach the internet cautiously with a pinch of salt, especially when seeking healthcare services.