Any type of physical activity helps in burning more calories and lose extra weight. Discover it by this informative review that which foods you need to consume and to avoid when doing sports regularly. Some foods such as sweets are not recommended in the first two hours after a workout if you want to take. By the way, there are some rules that you should know when you do move to weaken or to maintain a normal body weight.

1.Drink Mineral water after training: According to the doctor, half an hour or an hour after training it is recommended to consume mineral water that helps the body to refresh with energy and satisfaction. This is essential because during training many minerals are lost through sweating.

2.Do not eat sweets, fruit and any desert cakes for 1-2 hours after your workout: If you want to weaken the body you must consume of existing reserves, not to bring a surplus of sugar right after you were trained. “If you want to get rid of excess fat with the help of the sports, then you do not have the interest of the deposits of glycogen, exhausted by the move, to be refilled with food.”

3. Do not eat until 3 hours before doing sports: This will help you run more easily, to burn existing reserve and avoid exercise in the process of digestion.

4. Workout & Movement is preferred to be made in the morning: The best time for any workout is in the morning, before breakfast. This will help you to burn more calories throughout the day, because it stimulates the metabolism. Liver glycogen Stores are nearly exhausted after night, therefore it will grabs the deposits of fat as an energy source.
5. Eat maximum protein after a workout: Your best bet would be to eat protein (meat, eggs, cheese, chickpeas, lentils, peas, beans) after a workout and to limit consumption of carbohydrates (bread, jam, fruit, corn) which is recommended by nutritionist.

6. Let carbohydrates snack as for food: Specialist’s advice is to call the carbohydrate only as a small snack between meals. A baton of cereals, fruits and biscuits are recommended with 30-45 minutes prior to physical effort and only if it has been more than 4-5 hours after the last meal.