In order to stay healthy while traveling, all you need to do is to prepare on time and be a little bit extra careful unlike when you are at home. No matter if you want to travel to Canada, or go to Europe, the following tips and tricks for staying healthy on the road will make your life a lot easier.

1. Boiling water

If you travel somewhere where you cannot buy bottled water, make sure you boil it to ensure it’s safe to drink. Boiling water at any altitude is an effective way to ensure your water is free from microbes and other dangerous elements that could potentially jeopardize your health and ruin your trip. Wherever you go, never drink tap water, and if you are unable to get bottled water, don’t drink it before somehow purifying it first.

2. Visit a Doctor before Your Trip

If you think you might have any health issues, head to your local medical or dental clinic before you go abroad. Fixing a cavity seems like a minor and unimportant issue, but it could save you a lot of pain and expenses on the road. Never wait to be thousands of miles from home and stuck with a doctor who doesn’t speak your language as your only option.

3. Stay Hydrated

When traveling, you are always in a rush, and most likely you will forget to drink water. However, if you want to stay healthy, it is vital to be well hydrated. Apart from drinking water, use mineral-water aerosol sprays or moisturizer, avoid drinking too much alcohol, tea and coffee. If you are traveling long way via a bus or a plane, make sure you stand and stretch regularly, and flex your toes and calves while sitting.

4. Always Keep Your Travel Insurance Near You

Your travel insurance details, as well as help lines contacts of the country you are visiting should always be somewhere where you can easily reach them, such as in your phone. In the unlikely event you need treatment, this will significantly speed up the process and make sure your insurer is well informed.

5. Always Carry a Small Bottle of Hand Cleanser with You

On your trip, it is unlikely that you will have every meal at your hotel or in a restaurant. Most likely, you will also have to eat a lot of street food. Keeping a small bottle of hand cleanser in our purse will effectively help you prevent the spread of bacteria before and after meals.

6. Get Enough Sleep

It is very important to get proper sleep while you are abroad. Yes, we understand there are lot of things you need to see and experience, but when you are physically traveling and walking all day, you also need a lot of rest. When it comes to how much is enough, it is best to listen to your body.

7. Eat Breakfast

Sometimes, due to being tired, we decide to sleep in and skip breakfast. However, this is something we mustn’t do. If you plan to skip breakfast because you plan to you’ll be eating out for lunch or for dinner, and you want to save some money, just make a breakfast at home or at your hotel. You can always buy instant oatmeal and make it with hot water or grab a pastry and orange juice from your nearby bakery to have a quick breakfast. Just, whatever you do, don’t skip breakfast! This is the most important meal of the day because it gives you energy to start your day properly.