Truth About AbsWorking on abs requires a lot of strength commitment and dedication, which can only be achieved with the help of proper exercises and diet plans. This program has been specially made for men who want to lose fat around belly area and want to look in good shape.

What Truth About Abs Offer?

  • This program is well known for its effective abs building exercises and important diet plans. Author has explained in the first part of this book that it is not important if you are going to exercise for the very first time or not but you can easily follow the program and get well sculpted abs. men focus on their abs more than women do so the exercises might be different for both genders and can yield different results. In this initial phase of the book beginner will get a lot of help which can help in modifying their nutritional intake and focusing on the right muscle groups in the abs.
  • In the second part of this program author has focused on the in importance of having a sound and an effective diet plans and how it can work along with your exercises for the abs. in this section author has turn out to be successful in dealing with different misconceptions, which people need to face while working on the abs with the help of best diet plans and exercise routines. This logical presentation of facts and figures helps fitness freaks and becoming clear about their goals and developing a good strategy for abs development.
  • In the third phase all of the exercise and diet plans have been explained in the best possible manner for the interest of the users. This can help them in following the program by knowing all of the tips and tricks and basic facts. Most of the rules are traditional but they have been represented with the help of modern amendments.

Who is Mike Geary?

Mike GearyThe name of the author of this program is Mike Geary, who is a fitness expert and has many years of experience in this field of body building. Mike has explored various traditional methods and how they hinder the process of getting the six pack abs.

Bonuses & Guarantee

This program comes with a money back guarantee of sixty days, which is for the potential customers. Bonus program which comes along with this book helps in developing a good routine and necessary life style changes.


  • For all those men out there who want to have the best type of six pack abs without any type of body fat.
  • With the help of this program men can achieve their six pack target easily without passing through hardcore exercises and starving diet plans.


  • Those people who cannot develop the habit of remaining consistent will have difficulties following the program.
  • This diet plan includes different types of ingredients, which might not be readily available at home all the time.

Final Words about Truth about Six Pack Abs Review

Results of this program will certainly vary from one individual to another due to a number of different factors. Most of the people need to explore a lot of other ways as majority of the programs require a special track to follow for many weeks, so does the Truth about Abs. The positive feedback this program is surely convincing enough  to try this program once. Moreover, Mike offers money back guarantee as well if this program may not bear fruit as per your desire.