What will you do first in the morning when you take up and open your eyes? I am pretty sure that many of us will shut the alarm down and…go online!

Most people will do different chores such as check notifications on Facebook or Instagram, watch out some videos on YouTube, or simply open their inbox in Gmail.

And…how about you? Do you check your Facebook or Instagram profile first? You view a lot of thing on your News Feed and see foods as well as beverages anywhere in the world! Oh my, how could you stop following these?

There is no denying that we have tons of interested in categories from the social funnels, and this is the main reason we make lots of “industry diseases” like overweight, diabetes, obesity, and so on.

laxatives for weigh loss

You may lose control of keeping your weight in a perfect number when you see many cooking videos. Yeah, you probably need to reduce your weight. But, how can you do it in a couple of days when you have to fit on a slim dress? Go with laxatives! The point here is you should find the best laxatives for weight loss. If you have no idea about the right product for you, then take time to read more our experience…

The truth about the laxatives for weight loss…

Many studies indicate that 47% of women around the world often use laxatives to remove their unexpected pounds. Along with weight loss, laxatives also support constipation condition, boost digestive system, and kick out excess fat cells from your body. It probably gets rid of toxins as well.

In general, to reduce constipation state, laxatives react with our gastrointestinal area. Then, it circulates your bowel movement. These will be softened or add more liquids to your poo before passing it. The passing process is also fast. In addition, laxatives ought to encourage the muscle groups in our intestines or rectum to press our feces out firmly.

In your weight loss process, laxatives accelerate a large number of toxins, fluids, nutrition content, and excessive fat which you expel in your bowels. By allowing you to have a consistent bowel movement, it also helps in the digestive system and your metabolism which are extremely important in keeping your body weight.

Because of the shorter storage time of digestive food in your intestines, you have the chance to gain fewer calories from your eating foods. You can reduce more calories before your body takes time to closely digest what you have eaten.

Nonetheless, you should recognize the danger occurs in the digesting foods once you use laxatives. Your body begins with decreasing too many nutrients and calories in your poop.

When essential nutrients also remove, your body does not have enough energy and you feel exhausted. At that time, health problems emerge absolutely. Dehydration also says “hello” to your body! This is the certain reason laxative need to be used carefully.

Along with weight loss, laxatives also help you cleanse toxins in your body, flush your colon, enhance digestion, and improve your metabolism at once. These will get benefits in the long period of time under your doctor’s control seriously.

How to use laxatives rationally

Laxatives are accessible in form of pills, tablets, capsules, oils, teas, and powders. No matter the category you select, take it with the instruction of your professional health. They know the dosage your body requires!

When you take powder or pills, you should put it in a tall glass of water. Use the tablet with water or with foods depending on your choice. Night time is the best periods to consume laxatives as your bowel movement also wakes up in the next morning like you…!The downfall to getting laxatives at night is that you probably do “your mission” at mid night.

While using powders, you should mix the required quantity with water. In most cases, you need to drink laxatives with lots of water to avoid electrolyte and fluid imbalance.

If you want to narrow the time of losing weight by laxatives, then you could prefer castor and mineral oil. Surely, you will go to the restroom after 5 or 6 hours. Due to its influence, you should not take it before going to bed. Avoid using laxatives after drinking milk or antacids. You do not know how it is awful!

Some experienced users list out some important things when you use laxatives:

  • With mild constipation, select bulk laxatives or saline agents only. Milk of magnesia is a good example;
  • If the constipation increases, enema could be the best in these similar situations;
  • If you do not find out any good sign of using laxatives, then you could change another kind;
  • Please keep in mind that you should read the labels and instructions carefully. For example, you may see the product with this phrase “New Improved Formula”. Then, you need to consult your health practitioner or a pharmacist to choose the right type. Do not rush!
  • Some bulk-forming laxatives also have sweeteners that may impact on your blood sugar levels. And other products can cause abdominal pain, bloating, etc. Pay attention to these details;
  • In elderly people with constipation, a doctor has to choose laxatives carefully. They will check the age of these senior patients, the reason for causing constipation, and their urinary condition.

Often ask these questions before shopping for your laxative – How long have I been constipated? Have I attempted natural methods like diet, exercise, beverages to reduce constipation? Do I prefer an oral laxative or rectal laxative? May I use a stimulant laxative? How long do I want the effect to last? Do I have any special health condition that I cannot miss out?

At the end…

Laxatives for Weigh LossUsing laxatives is a challenge method that you need to think twice in advance. Take several opinions from your health professional, your family, your friends, your acquaintance, and your neighbors as well.Also, read some prior buyer’s reviews about the brand they choose from. Remember, nothing is a magic bullet and this is also true with the laxative method! This also has some side effects that you need to notice.