Only a short while ago having my home gym equipment meant that I was probably well off, and was the envy of the regular consumer. Home gym equipment range from treadmills, rowing machines, step masters, bench presses and an array of free weights, which are all amongst the most sort after equipment. I am often asked what the best home gym equipment is to do workouts at home. This is a great question – one whose answer is often wrongly perceived.

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Many people I have consulted who are looking to lose weight and increase their fitness by doing home workouts think that they have to have those expensive and bulky pieces of equipment that take up a ton of room in their home.


Training equipment companies a few years ago began to experiment with new ideas, churning out the next big device that would increase physical fitness so that they would not get left behind in the competitive market. Consumers these days are becoming more knowledgeable and demanding in what they expect, so the market is becoming harder to breakthrough.

For those people who have found that previous gym equipment hasn’t been successful in producing their results than in this article, I have addressed that with great alternatives for them to try which are perfect for a home.

Exercise Equipment for Muscle Mass

Weight training equipment has given me the ability to add some serious muscle to my bones. These machines are often being used at a local gym by someone else as they are so popular. Gyms now cater for nearly all needs in the weight training department, and that now includes weight protein powders. The newest exercise equipment will only be available to merchandisers.

I believe adding weight training to the regime it will also increase all-around body strength, which will impress. The typical workout device would be a bench, barbell and a weight stack that can be used in a variety of exercises that work the upper body. Practices such as the compound movement, bench press, and shoulder press are classic examples. Lower body workouts can be accommodated if training device such as a multi-station home gym workout gear is used, which will come with every exercise imaginable, but they come at a hefty price.

Other Equipment for other Fitness Goals

OK for those who don’t want to gain a lot of muscle mass, they want to get toned and improve on their fitness. There is a vast amount of fitness product companies out there with very similar equipment. I recommend checking out York eligibility for its great value and also nautilus. Nautilus produces equipment for those body parts that are hard to burn fat from. I’m talking about, bingo wings, thighs, and your stomach. Exercise bikes, rowing machines, abs machine, elliptical trainers and full body trainers are excellent devices for that stubborn fat. It gives a full body workout that improves stamina too.

A cutting-edge, exciting experimental home gym Equipment Company is Bowflex which without surprise is getting very popular. They have given themselves an excellent reputation with their willingness and fearless approach to developing a new idea, such as their x based system on their products. They incorporate resistance to their x based shape system which gets rid of bulky space consuming stack machines.

Throughout the years there has been some breakthrough gym equipment such as the ab circle pro which sells by the millions. The ab circle pro and other equipment need proper tuition, and there is a need to be educated about the product before buying them.

Many devices can be tested out at a local gym, and people can be taught how to use them by the qualified gym instructor so that there is no chance of personal injury. Now apparently, I encourage buying all of the best home gym equipment or just one or two to get started. People can add a new piece of equipment to their home gym workout gear whenever they want to. And the good news is that most of this stuff can be tucked away under the bed or stored in a closet.

My personal favorites are the stability ball, kettlebells, interval timer, and foam roller. People can decide to pick up any or all of these best home gym equipment, and they can get a great home gym equipment in cheap and conveniently.