After publishing a post on acne scars treatment, I was bombarded with requests to write an article on fractional laser practitioners in Singapore plus a preview on how much treatment would cost. Singapore’s health portal UbiqiHealth has an excellent article about fractional laser treatments and the costing part.

The Internet has a lot of data about the vast beauty treatments available in Singapore, along with their prices. However, these are not accurate.

To save you time from clinic hopping, we interviewed a couple of practitioners in Singapore that are experts in fractional laser treatment. Their answers will give you an insight into the coverage of the costs one may incur, as well as the different procedures to choose from.

We asked the doctors the following questions:

  1. How long have you been in fractional laser practice?
  2. On average, how many sessions would you recommend for treatment of acne scars as compared to wrinkles?
  3. What is the cost per session of the fractional laser at your clinic and what are the inclusions?
  4. What is the usual fluence setting used by your fractional laser?

I am aware that Singaporeans are not huge fans of getting their concerns across their doctors, but it is crucial to set expectations before the start of treatment. I always remind my family and friends to grill their doctors with all questions that come to mind and never assume the outcome of treatment when a concern has not been addressed clearly. When expectations are set right, expect to see the results you were promised with.

How long have you been in fractional laser practice?

  • 1st Practitioner: I have been using Profractional XC lasers for 8 years.
  • 2nd Practitioner: I’ve gone past the 10-year mark with my fractional laser practice.
  • 3rd Practitioner: Eight years, since I started back in 2009. I am skilled in using
    Fractional CO2 laser.

On average, how many sessions would you recommend for treatment of acne scars as compared to wrinkles?

  • 1st Practitioner: I use lasers that are highly compatible with Asian skin. I use a fractional laser, which is the Sciton Profractional XC laser, and the Erbium tag laser, which is tunable. The healing time needed for skin treated with these lasers is lesser compared to CO2 lasers and there are few complications as well.
  • 2nd Practitioner: We usually notice major improvements on the skin after completing 4 sessions of procedures for acne scars. Wrinkles, specifically fine lines, offer faster results. Improvements may be seen following one session.
  • 3rd Practitioner: In our clinic, we recommend around 5-10 sessions. Fluence setting depends on the choice of the client and the amount of time he/she is willing to spend without activities in order to heal the skin.

What is the cost per treatment session?

Fractional Laser Treatments

  • 1st Practitioner: Consultation alone, we charge $100. For a full facial treatment, the cost starts at $950. We tell our patients to undergo several sessions to achieve significant improvements in their skin. Of course, treatment doesn’t end there. We advise them that aftercare is important as well.
  • 2nd Practitioner: Per session we charge $100. You get $100 off for 4 sessions, making that $2,300. The consultation fee of $60 is not charged when a person decides to avail of our aesthetic services.
  • 3rd Practitioner: We charge $50 for consultation alone. One session of fractional CO2
    laser costs around $200. Basing on the package availed by the client, succeeding treatments may be priced at around $500.

What is the usual fluence setting used by your fractional laser?

Fractional Laser Treatments

  • 1st Practitioner: The extent of the damage on the skin and deep a scar is gauging the fluence setting that we use in our lasers.
    For scars derived from acne or surgery, pigmentation, or chicken pox, fractional lasers do the best job in treating them. Fractional lasers treat the skin problem by managing the injury and recurring scars through the production of collagen and generation of new skin cells.
    As mentioned earlier, my laser preference is Profractional XC lasers because this type of laser is tested to produce favorable results and minimum time for recovery is needed. This is certified by US FDA and HSA to be safe for use on open pores, scars, and sunspots.
  • 2nd Practitioner: Each laser differs from another when it comes to fluence setting. The
    setting is also personalized according to the treatment needed by the
  • 3rd Practitioner: I always base my settings on how deep the scar is. Usually, the fluence setting I use a scale from 10J/cm2 up to 60J/cm2.

We hope the information we shared has brought enlightenment on some of your questions about the costs of fractional lasers. For an extensive discourse on the different laser treatments offered in Singapore, head on to this link