CBD has busted into 2019 as one of the quickest growing industries of the year. A lot of companies keen to get in on the act have started flooding into the market as it continues to flourish. Less than ten years ago, consumers had a few product options available from a couple of different brands. Nowadays, they can jump online and select from hundreds of different zones and brands such as topical, beverages, and liquids. 

More is not Always Better


More can be a good thing in some cases. However, in this scenario, more has presented some challenges, especially for those who are new to the CBD field. The problem is that not all CBD products are produced the same. Just like in every industry, there are products of low and high quality, and everything in between. You may want to read this regarding all types of CBD products. The issue with the CBD industry is that recognizing how to select the right products from the bad is not exactly common knowledge.

As a consequence, consumers are blindly buying online CBD based on which brand has the perfect market strategy or what is trending. Majority of the times, this creates a habitat where low-quality products can be concealed as high-quality products. This can amount to missing out on the benefits you require, wasting your cash on low-quality products, and even putting your health at risk due to untested ingredients in a product. This guide will arm you with the knowledge of how to safely purchase CBD online.


  • Has a 3rd party lab-tested the product?


The first thing you should look for in a CBD product before purchasing it is whether a 3rd party lab has tested it. Lab reports should be readily available on the company’s website if the product has been verified. Without a lab report, you cannot confirm whether the product is safe for use or what are its contents. That is why it is super important to always request for a legal certificate of analysis before buying any CBD product.


  • Does the product contain less than 0.3% THC?


THC may be legal in some states, but it is illegal in the majority of them. A CBD product can only maintain its legality if it contains a specific concentration of THC. The maximum amount of THC allowed is 0.3% to 0.5% or less depending on the state. This is the amount that should not inflict the psychoactive THC effects and is the one that is deemed safe. 


  • What ingredients are present in the product?


The product’s ingredients list is the next thing you will want to look for. Are the ingredients listed at all? What type of components are used in the product? Are there loads of elements with names that are unpronounceable? If there are, a simple Google search can show what they are, and if they have any detrimental effects. 


It is increasingly important for consumers to know what to search for in the right CBD product as the market becomes more condensed. Although this problem has spun out of control, the solution is quite simple; education and awareness. Consumers should always conduct thorough research before purchasing any CBD products.